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October 27th, 2007

12:18 pm - Welcome!
Hello, and welcome to the official Livejournal community for the forthcoming book The Naughty Autie: Not Your (Neuro)typical Dating Guide!, a dating and sexuality book written for adults and teenagers on the autism spectrum. I'm Amy Gravino, author of The Naughty Autie and Admin for this community. If you're reading this and have already joined the community, thank you! Your support is greatly appreciated. If you're reading this and have not yet joined--what are you waiting for? In addition to receiving updates about my book's publication and release date, this community is a place where individuals on the autism spectrum can feel free to discuss any and all issues relating to dating, sexuality, and relationships. I encourage an open, frank dialogue, where you know you're not being judged and can feel comfortable sharing all your hopes, dreams, fears, confusions, desires, and especially what it is you'd like to see in my book. The more feedback I can get from you, the better! So, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you all very much for joining this community. If you're not a member yet, but like what you see, consider joining today. We'd love to have you! :)

Your Friendly Neighborhood Admin,

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